Strengthlets, a South Florida Jewelry Brand is Seeking Additional Charity Partners for Awareness Ribbon Line

Strengthlets, a female-owned jewelry brand based in South Florida is currently seeking non-profit organizations to add to its portfolio of charity partners. The design portfolio is comprised of bracelets incorporating 2 hands, symbolizing support from one woman to another. The focus of the brand is to raise both awareness and funds for several causes effecting families all over the world. The ribbon line integrates various awareness ribbons, which are draped across the hands.

For each ribbon design sold, the company is donating a minimum of 10% of proceeds to a charity supporting that ribbon’s cause. Current partnerships include the following: 

Alzheimer’s: Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Anti-Racism: Race Forward

Blood Cancer: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Breast Cancer: National Breast Cancer Foundation

Infant Loss: American SIDS InstituteThe unique designs have generated a lot of interest from consumers, and with a long list of requests to add additional ribbons to the portfolio, Strengthlets has decided to expand its offerings. To find out more or inquire about potential partnership opportunities, visit www.strengthlets.com.

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