South Florida Jewelry Company Launches Awareness Bangle to Fund Alzheimer’s Research

Fund Alzheimer’s

Strengthlets, LLC, a woman-owned jewelry brand located in South Florida, announced today that they have added another non-profit organization to their list of partners. The design portfolio is comprised of bracelets incorporating 2 hands, symbolizing support from one woman to another. The focus of the brand is to raise both awareness and funds for several causes effecting families all over the world. 

The philanthropic designs incorporate various awareness ribbons, which are draped across the hands. “The concept of the ribbon line originated from the desire to create a fashionable accessory that could be worn daily and serve as a constant reminder of the ones we love that are battling these difficult diseases. After meeting with several non-profits, it became evident that partnering with these incredible organizations was a no-brainer. We’re excited to announce some exciting collaborations in the upcoming months,” said Strengthlets Founder, Nikki Patrick. For each ribbon design sold, the company is donating a minimum of 10% of proceeds to a charity supporting that ribbon’s cause. 

The most recent partnership is with Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, an organization dedicated to funding research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing, or reversing Alzheimer’s disease. CureAlz is a favorite among donors, because 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to research. 

The bracelets will be available for purchase beginning September 11, 2020. To find out more or inquire about partnership opportunities, visit www.strengthlets.com.

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